How To Give Your Home A Distinct Look With A Barrel-Vaulted Roof

If you are looking for a roofing option that combines elegance, durability, and performance, you might want to consider barrel vaulted roofs. Barrel vaulted roofs are a type of metal tile roofing that mimics the appearance of traditional clay or concrete tiles but with the benefits of metal. 

What are Barrel Vaulted Roofs?

Barrel vaulted roofs are barrel roofs, essentially a series of arches placed side by side. Barrel vaulted roofs have a high-barrel shape that creates a distinctive curved profile on the roof. Barrel vaulted roofs are made of metal panels coated with ceramic granules to give them a realistic tile look and feel. The panels interlock with each other and fasten securely to the roof deck.

Why are Barrel Vaulted Roofs So Unique?

Barrel vaulted roofs are unique for several reasons. First, they offer a classic and elegant aesthetic. Barrel vaulted roofs come in various colors and blends that match any architectural style.

Second, they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Barrel vaulted roofs have a vented airspace that provides insulation and reduces heat transfer. 

How Does a Professional Roofer Install Barrel Vaulted Roofs?

Installing barrel vaulted roofs requires skill, experience, and specialized tools and equipment. Here are the basic steps that a professional roofing contractor follows to install this type of roof:

  • The roofer prepares the roof deck by removing existing roofing material, repairing any damage, and applying an underlayment or vapor barrier if needed.
  • The roofer lays out the panels according to the manufacturer's instructions and cuts them to fit the roof dimensions, and also marks the locations of the fasteners on the panels
  • The roofer installs the panels from the eave to the ridge, working from left to right, aligns the panels, fastens them to the roof deck using screws or nails, and ensures the panels overlap by at least one inch on the sides and three inches on the ends
  • The roofer installs any accessories such as ridge caps, hip caps, valley trim, eave trim, or gable trim to complete the installation, and seals any gaps or joints with caulk or sealant

Once they are finished, you can enjoy your new roof. Barrel-vaulted roofs are a unique and attractive roofing option that can provide many benefits for your home. If you want to install barrel vaulted roofs on your home, you should contact a professional roofer with experience and expertise in this type of roofing. 

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