Problems With Your Roof? Signs Your Tile Roof Needs Repairs

If you have a tile roof, you need to watch for damage. Tile damage can increase the risk of leaks and pest infestation. Tile damage can also undermine the value of your home. It's not always easy to identify tile damage. Unfortunately, if you wait too long to repair your tile roof, you could end up with damage to the roofing structure. Not sure about your tile roof? Read the list below. If you see any of the problems listed here, have a roofing contractor repair your roof. 

There's Water Under the Tiles

If you're worried about your tile roof, look under the tiles. If your roof is in good condition, there shouldn't be any water under the tiles. If you can see water under the tiles, call a roofing contractor. Any sign of moisture under the tiles is a sign that your tiles are leaking. 

There Are Damaged Tiles

If you think your roof needs repairs, look for signs of visible damage. Some of the damage you want to look for includes cracks or chips in the surface of the tiles. You also want to look for areas where the tiles are loose. When looking for loose tiles, check for spots where the tiles have slipped, or where there are gaps. If you see any signs of damage, you should schedule roof repairs. 

There Are Stains on the Tiles

If you're checking your tile roof for signs of damage, don't forget about stains. You might not realize it, but stains can be a sign of roof damage. That's especially true where roofing tiles are concerned. Stains can occur on the tiles and the fascia board. When inspecting for stains, look for signs of green or black patches. Green patches indicate mold or algae growth. Mold and algae grow on tiles when there's a leak to worry about. Black patches are a sign that the tiles weren't installed the right way. Black streaks can also be a sign there's damage to the roofing sub-floor. These problems need immediate roofing repairs. 

There Are Missing Tiles

If you haven't inspected your tile roof lately, now's the time to do that. When you check your roof, look for areas that are missing tiles. Missing tiles aren't just an eyesore. They're also a risk for your home and roof. That's because missing tiles increase the risk of leaks. Avoid the risk. Call for repairs as soon as your roof starts losing tiles.

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