Many Roofing Businesses Offer These Additional Services

You probably know to call a roofing company if you need a new roof, or if you need your current roof repaired. These services do make up the bulk of what most roofing companies do. However, they are not the only services that most roof companies offer. Every company will have a slightly different list of services that they offer to customers. However, if you need any of the following services performed, there is a very good chance you can find a roofing company in your area that will do it. 

Skylight Installation

Skylights fall into a strange category somewhere between roofing and windows. While some window companies do install them, you are often better off finding a roofer to install your skylight. If a skylight is not installed properly, it will leak. A roofer will know how to properly prepare the roof for the skylight and apply flashing around it to prevent leaks. The easiest time to have a skylight installed is often when you're already replacing your roof, but many roofers will do it as a one-off service, too.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are not technically part of the roof, but they do protect the roof. Many roofing companies make and install them. A roofer is often the best person to install your gutters since they know a lot about the roof they are protecting. They can make good choices when it comes to gutter type and gutter placement. Some roofers even offer gutter-cleaning services. Or, if you sign up for a general roof maintenance service, gutter cleaning will often be included. A roofer can also install guards over your gutters so debris stays out of them and you're not left cleaning them as often.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation exists not only to keep your home warm but also to protect your roof. If your roof is developing ice dams or your top floor is really warm, you could probably use more insulation in your attic. Many roofers will come to install it. They can put some insulation up between the rungs on your attic ceiling, and put additional insulation on the "floor" of the attic. Doing so often helps extend the life of your roof, so it's worth the investment. 

Roofers do more than install and repair roofs. If you need roofing services for your home, get in touch with a company in your area to find out more.

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