3 Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Deciding On A Roof Replacement

Homeowners have a lot of maintenance, repair, and replacement objectives to tend to. This can make it challenging to track what needs to be done. They may also be unsure of when to make upgrades. Roofing systems require maintenance and repairs to extend their life span. Roof replacements are also likely to be needed for some materials. The following points identify a few factors that suggest replacements are needed.

Age of Roof Materials

The older roofing materials get, the more they deteriorate. Asphalt shingles are a common choice for homeowners for several reasons, such as affordability. However, they are not intended to last as long as metal or tile roofing materials. A roofing contractor can be used as a resource to compare materials. They can also assess whether materials are reaching the end of their life span. Deteriorating roofing materials distract from curb appeal, and they also put properties at risk of water damage.

Condition of Roof

Aged or damaged roof materials will have specific features. Homeowners might notice granules on the ground after it rains. Damaged shingles are less likely to be able to protect a home against the elements. This means that roof leaks will be likely if a replacement is not made. Older asphalt shingles may appear deformed. They may buckle or curl, which means they cannot offer protection. A sagging roof is indicative that a roof has reached the end of its life span. Roofs in this condition are prone to collapsing if a replacement is completed This makes them a safety threat and also a high risk for water damage. 

Frequent Repairs

A roofing system that requires frequent repairs is likely to have significant damage. Homeowners may save money on the investment, and the new roofing materials may be covered by a warranty. Materials may start to rot due to frequent moisture exposure. Homeowners who get frustrated by having to get frequent repairs may want to consider upgrading to a more durable material for their replacement. A roofing contractor can help them to compare materials based on factors, such as budget and preference. Many of today's roofing materials are manufactured to mimic other more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. 

A roofing contractor is a good resource to use to learn the condition of a roof. They can perform inspections and maintenance. These contractors can also determine if a repair can remedy an issue or whether it is time for a replacement. 

Contact a local roofing service, such as Commercial Solutions, Inc., to learn more. 

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