Roofing Damage 101: Common Culprits You Should Watch

Your home's roof suffers a lot of wear and tear that you may not fully appreciate. Unfortunately, exposure to the elements and the effects of falling debris can cause damage to your roof that you might not even realize is there. Understanding the most common issues with your roof is important so that you can correct those problems when they arise. Here are some of the most common issues to consider as you evaluate the condition of your roof.

The Shingles 

Wind, weather, and pests can lead to wear and tear on your home's shingles. When the shingles are damaged due to environmental hazards, you'll need to have them replaced. Sometimes, neglecting those damaged shingles will leave you dealing with cracked or missing shingles that make your roof more vulnerable to leaks and similar damage. 

The Flashing

The flashing forms a barrier where something protrudes from the roof. If you have anything protruding from your roof, such as a vent pipe, chimney, or any other fixture, flashing is installed where it comes through the roof. This seals the gap to prevent leaks and keep pests out. If the flashing is damaged, it will allow water to seep past your roof and can even let pests into your home. You'll have to have the flashing replaced or repaired to keep your home from suffering damage.

The Skylights

If you have any skylights in your home's roof, make sure that the frames are secure and sealed. The frames of skylights are a vulnerable area that can often leave your home susceptible to water penetration, air leaks, and similar hazards. When you have skylights installed in your home, make sure that you have those skylights inspected every year and have the borders sealed periodically if necessary to prevent leaks.

The Gutters

Few people think of gutters when they think about roofing issues, but damaged or sagging gutters can cause problems at your roofing seam. This can contribute to ice dams, pest vulnerabilities, water damage, and structural deterioration that you should not ignore. Sometimes, damaged gutters create so much collateral roofing damage that you need extensive repairs.

These are some of the most important things to discuss with your roofing contractor when you're dealing with roofing damage of any kind. Routine inspections and attention to the most common vulnerabilities will help ensure that your roof and your home stay in good structural condition.

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