Solutions For Fixing A Leaking Metal Roof

It is not unheard of for metal roofing to leak. But, on the contrary, metal roofs are susceptible to leaks depending on several factors. For instance, the roofing screws may have been installed at an awkward angle during DIY installation. Alternatively, they might be over-driven or under-driven.

Another factor is that your metal roof may not have a flashing, or the seams may overlap. Regardless of what is causing your roof to leak, you must contact your roofer so they can figure out how to resolve the situation. The contractors can use any of the following repair options.

Replacing All Screws and Fasteners

Your roofer may determine that the solution is to remove old screws and fasteners and replace them with new ones. Screws and fasteners are common culprits behind roof leaks because they can back out, thus creating a space for water to seep in.

A likely misconception is that removing only the damaged ones would cost less. But unfortunately, inspecting every screw and fastener on your roof may not be practical, and tracking down the cracked ones would not be time-efficient.

Replacing the Roof

Replacing the entire roof is a viable option, particularly if the leaks are severe, e.g., if a severe storm has badly affected the panels. In such a case, getting a new roof makes more financial sense than trying to keep up with repairs. While the initial cost may be high, the investment is worth it as you no longer have to deal with leaks or other roofing problems.

Having Your Roof Coated

You could also opt to have your roof coated to address the issue of leaks. A popular measure for commercial metal roofing, the coating is cost-effective and takes less time. This means that there are minimal interruptions in the running of the business, which business owners find rather appealing. In addition, only severely affected parts need to be removed before the coating is applied.

Spray Foam Installation

Another excellent repair option is applying spray foam. Like coating, spray foam is also liquid, and the process is not very disruptive. After the roof surface has been prepared, the spray foam is applied and left to dry, thus forming a water-tight roofing surface. Accordingly, spray foam fixes leaking effectively, thanks to its closed-cell technology. Aside from this, it increases your roof's R-value.

There are multiple ways your commercial roofer can fix your metal roof, and the suitability of each option depends on the specific situation. Nonetheless, each method is effective at fixing a leaking metal roof. For more information, contact a company like Performance Roof Systems Plus Exteriors.

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