Reasons Why You Should Call A Roofer Before Pursuing Compensation For Roof Damage

If you have taken a homeowner's insurance policy and your roof has sustained damage, you expect the insurance to cover the damages. However, sometimes the insurance company can deny your claim. In most cases, insurance companies aren't always to blame for claim denial. Different things can cause your claim to be rejected, like neglected pre-existing damage, providing a false statement, etc. Claim denial can be frustrating as you have to pay for repairs yourself. But you can avoid this by seeking the help of an experienced roofing professional.

They'll Document the Damage to Your Roof

When you seek the help of a roofer after storm damage, they'll inspect the roof and document the damage. They can do this by taking high-quality pictures and videos of the damage. In addition, they'll provide a detailed report documenting the nature of the damage. If your insurance company establishes that a professional roofing contractor performed the assessment, they are less likely to deny your compensation claim.

They Will Provide Estimates On Repairs Needed

After checking the extent of damage to your roof, experienced roofers will clearly outline the affected parts of the roof and the cost of repairs. By breaking down the affected sections and the estimated cost of repairs, your insurance company will better understand the nature of your damage. It also avoids cases where your insurance company denies your claim for failing to have proper documentation of your roof damage. 

They'll Advise Whether It's Necessary to File for Compensation

Depending on the nature of damage to your roof, filing for compensation may not be necessary. However, this is advice that a roofing professional can provide. Your roofer may advise that you don't pursue compensation for different reasons. Among the common concern is if a defective roofing material is the cause of your roof damage. Your claim can also be denied if your roof has existing damage.

You Don't Have to be Concerned About Future Claims

The advantage of seeking repairs from an experienced professional is that they provide accurate findings. This isn't the case if an insurance adjuster provides an assessment as they only check the surface damage. If you don't work with an experienced roofer, you can miss underlying roof damage, resulting in roof problems in the future. This means that you may have to deal with more claims in the future.

Many homeowners experience significant roof damage after inclement weather. If this happens, ensure you contact a roofer for inspection before filing for compensation to avoid claim denial.

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