Commercial Roof Repair: 5 Problems Regular Inspections Can Identify

How well can you tell the state of your commercial roof? Just because your roof looks good from the ground doesn't mean there aren't problems lurking beneath the surface. While some problems are easy to spot on your own, others require professional knowledge and tools. Regular inspections can identify problems before they become serious issues, which can help you save time and money in the long run. Here are several common commercial roof repair problems that an experienced roofer can identify with regular inspections and how to fix them.

1. Ponding Spots

Flat commercial roofs are prone to water ponding problems, which are caused by poor drainage, settling, and problems with the roof's substrate. If left unchecked, this can lead to the development of moss or algae growth on the roof deck. The roofer can recommend quick intervention to level the surface again and restore proper drainage. 

2. Blistering and Bubbling in the Roof Membrane 

Roof membrane bubbling and blistering happen when the hot sun expands the material under the shingle. It can also happen when the sealant has worn out. Besides looking unsightly, these blisters and bubbles present leakage risks when they burst. The roofer can reapply the membrane afresh in the affected spots. 

3. Uplifted Seams 

Expansion and contraction cycles often weaken roof membrane seams, and they can come apart after a long time. These gaps present leakage spots and the leaks can go unnoticed for a long time when the uplifting is not very visible. 

They will also allow air to penetrate under the membrane, causing blistering and bubbling. Commercial roof repair services will reseal separated seams with strong adhesive. 

4. Worn Rubber Boots Around Vent Pipes.

Rubber boots protect against leakages by sealing the gaps in pipe vents. They will develop cracks and tears after years of exposure. The gap created can create serious leakage spots since vents usually penetrate the whole roof. Fortunately, gaps in rubber boots are easy to spot during commercial roof inspections. The roofer will replace those that are worn out. 

5. Debris Buildup and Organic Growth

A large flat roof makes a good space for debris settlement by wind-blown debris, including soil, papers, and leaves. When this debris accumulates, it can block drains and cause problems with the membrane of the roof. 

It also encourages organic growth such as moss or lichen, which are problematic because they can grow into the membrane of the roof, reducing its effectiveness. This problem is easily solved with proper roof cleaning.

Commercial roof problems can be expensive in actual repair costs, and secondary costs in the damage caused to business assets like inventory. Therefore, you need to be on your toes to catch emerging issues quickly. Contact commercial roof repair services to schedule an inspection and save your business bigger costs in the future. 

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