Common Concerns About Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing has become quite common in recent years. Homeowners often choose it because it lasts longer than shingle roofing, and also because it sheds snow well, making it a safe choice for older homes prone to roof collapse under heavy snow loads. However, even with these advantages, some homeowners do have concerns about standing seam metal roofing. You'll find some of those concerns addressed below.

Concern #1: Metal roofing will rust

If you're driven around in the country and seen old barns with rusty metal roofs, then it makes sense that you'd be worried about your own, standing seam metal roof rusting. Luckily, this is not something that should happen, at least not for decades. Many metal roofs these days are made from aluminum, which does not rust. The ones that are made from steel are made from galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to prevent rusting. You can have the roof re-coated or painted periodically to further ward off rusting once the galvanization starts to fail, but that won't be necessary for decades.

Concern #2: The metal roof will get hot in the summer

Metal does get hot when left in the sun, but so do other materials. Metal actually reflects a lot of heat and sunlight. And roofing companies tend to coat their roofs with reflective paints or coatings to make them even more reflective. If anything, homes tend to stay cooler with light-colored metal roofs than with dark-colored shingle roofs. Also, consider that there will be plenty of insulation in your attic to prevent the heat that passes through your roof from passing into your actual home. 

Concern #3: The roof will be noisy when it rains

The phrase "like rain on a tin roof" did not come out of nowhere. The metal roofs of yesteryear were noisy. However, roof companies have made a lot of improvements to metal roofing to correct this issue. Most metal roofs are made with good, solid, insulating backing, which absorbs and transfers a lot of sound. As such, you should barely hear anything when it is raining — at least not any more noise than you'd get with shingle roofing.

No roofing material is perfect. Standing seam metal roofing does cost more than some materials, and not everyone likes its look. But there's really no reason to worry about it getting too hot, transferring noise inside, and rusting within a few years.

Reach out to roofing contractors to learn more.

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