Ask a Commercial Roofing Company If Metal Is a Good Choice for Your Building with a Sloped Roof

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, and they often have membrane roofing on them. If your building has a sloped roof, you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to commercial roofing. Talk to a commercial roofing company for advice. They might recommend metal roofing since it is durable and attractive. Here are some benefits of putting a metal roof on a commercial building.

You'll Probably Have Less Maintenance

Another common roofing option you could use on a commercial building is asphalt shingles. However, shingles could need more maintenance since wind could lift single shingles or the shingles could be ruined by hail. There are different grades of asphalt shingles, and the more expensive shingles last longer, but if you may still prefer metal for a commercial building.

Since metal is tough, hail doesn't do as much damage to it. It is possible that hail will dent metal, but dented metal doesn't always lead to a roof leak, and you can discuss repair options with a commercial roofing company.

Plus, metal roofing goes on in long panels rather than individual shingles and that makes the roofing more difficult to blow off. The roof still needs to be checked on schedule, but the commercial roofing company mainly looks for things like fasteners that have backed out or rust spots.

Metal Roofs Have a Colorful Appearance

Metal roofing panels come in several colors. This allows you to choose the perfect color for your building whether you own a restaurant, church, children's amusement center, shop, or retail store. A brightly colored roof could make your building stand out so your shop is easy to find.

It's Easy To Keep Debris Off a Metal Roof

Another advantage of metal roofing is that leaves and twigs usually just slide off. There are no granules for leaves to stick to. Instead, debris just glides off the roof naturally or is pushed off by wind or rain. This keeps tree debris from building up and being hazardous for customers and employees walking close to the building. Plus, it keeps your roof from looking ugly because it has clumps of leaves or branches caught on it.

A Metal Roof Is Good Fire Protection

Metal is naturally fire-resistant, so the roof shouldn't burst into flames as some roofing materials will. This could slow down a fire or keep a fire under control for a short while so the fire department has more time to save your building. Fires can start from the inside or outside of a building. The ones that start outside often begin as embers from a wildfire or other house fire. The embers float through the air, and if they land on the roof, your house might catch fire. However, the risk of a roof fire is lower when you have a metal roof compared to roofing that has a lower fire rating.

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