Problems That Plague Flat Roofs And What You Can Do About Them

Proper maintenance is important for a flat roof so you can prevent roof leaks and help your roof last so you can put off getting a new roof for as long as possible. Keeping up with roof maintenance may add to your yearly costs, but it will save money over the long term by preventing water damage to your building. Here's a look at some problems that might develop with a flat roof and what you can do about them.

Debris On The Roof

Since your roof is flat, it's difficult for tree debris to roll or blow off of it. If there are trees near your building, your flat roof could accumulate a lot of leaves or pine needles. These can hold moisture against the roof or create dams that create water ponding. The debris can also attract pests to your roof and break down to create organic matter for weeds to sprout.

This is a fairly easy problem to deal with as long as you inspect the roof on a regular basis. Add checking the roof to your monthly maintenance chores so debris can be removed before it builds up and causes roof damage.

Punctures In The Membranes

Membrane roofing can be punctured, and this creates holes that let rain get underneath the roofing. Punctures can be created by wind-blown debris, birds pecking at the roofing, or people walking on the roof. When you find puncture holes on the roof, call a roofer to make repairs promptly so your roof doesn't sustain water damage.

Punctures can be repaired with patches that are attached with adhesive or with heat-welding. Gaps in seams can be repaired the same way, and you may need these repairs done occasionally over the life of your roof. You can prevent problems with punctures from foot traffic by putting walkway mats on your roof for your employees and contractors to use.

Damage From Pests

Pests can be a problem for flat roofs. Birds like to peck at the roofing material, and their droppings are acidic, so they can cause damage due to long-term exposure. Rats and raccoons also damage flat roofing, especially once the membrane has been gnawed open to expose the insulation or wood deck below.

If you have a problem with birds or animal pests, you may need to work with a pest control expert to repel the pests or trap and relocate them. Once the animal problem is under control, have a roofer repair the damage they caused so your roof won't start leaking.

Damage From Sun Exposure

The sun is hard on a flat roof; plus, the roof is exposed to wind, hail, and rain. Your roof may also wear down due to age. This is why routine roof inspections are necessary. By finding damage early, your roofer can make repairs caused by the sun or storms before the damage becomes a big problem for your building that becomes expensive to repair.

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