When Does A Roof Leak Lead To Roof Replacement?

When a roof is in need of repair, you might not notice until it begins to leak. And quite often, especially for new roofs, a leak is not cause for a complete roof replacement. But no matter how old your roof is, a leak is a serious concern because it can cause extensive damage. Leaks also serve as a warning that you might need to replace your roof in the coming weeks or months.

But how can you tell if a leaky roof is in need of replacement?

An old leaky roof requires replacement

One of the first things to do after you notice a roof leak is check to see how old your roof is. If your roof leaks and is older than its expected lifespan, then the time has come to replace it. For instance, if you have an asphalt shingle roof that is over 25 years old, the average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof, then replace it.

A sagging and leaky roof requires replacement

When a roof leaks and sags at the same time, this is a sign that moisture has caused the roof supports to rot. And if your roof supports are rotting, then your leak might not be a recent occurrence. Sometimes, homeowners don't notice leaks until they begin to stain the ceiling or actually leak through into the home below.

A rotten roof could collapse at any time, so having a new roof installed is necessary.

A leaky roof with worn and missing shingles requires replacement

Missing and damaged shingles are a common cause of roof leaks. A roofing professional can easily replace missing shingles for you. But if your roof is missing a large number of shingles over a wide area, then there could also be extensive damage to the underlayment. And replacing so many shingles could leave your roof looking patched up. Roof replacement is a good option here.

Worn shingles that are cracked, curling, and missing the surface granules are also a sign that your leaky roof has passed its sell-by date. A good way to tell if your shingles are worn is to check your gutters. If you find that your gutters are full of granules, then your shingles may no longer have the protection to keep water from seeping into your roof. This requires replacement.  

Sometimes, a roof repair only prolongs the inevitable roof failure. If your roof leaks and is old and worn, replacement is a better option than repair. For more information, contact a roof installation company. 

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