Ditching Your Asphalt Shingles In Favor Of Metal Roofing: Exploring The Pros & Cons

If you are like an increasingly high number of homeowners, you may be considering ditching your asphalt shingles in favor of metal roofing materials. While many homeowners are finding that the investment in a new metal roof is the right decision for them, like any major home improvement project, it is important to carefully consider both the pros and cons before you make a final decision. Below you will learn more about some of the most important pros and cons associated with metal roofing, however, you will still want to reach out to a contractor that specializes in roofing installation to get the answers to any questions regarding your home's specific needs.


Metal Roofs Offer Longevity

The primary reason that many homeowners choose to make the switch from asphalt to metal roofing shingles is the longevity that metal shingles are able to provide. Unlike asphalt shingles that typically need to be replaced at least once every few decades, metal shingles will often last as long as the home. The durable construction of metal roofing shingles also helps to minimize maintenance requirements and allows homeowners to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home's roof is able to withstand a wide variety of severe weather events. 

Increased Property Value

The many benefits that come with installing a metal roof will make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you should ever decide to sell your home. This can result in a much higher selling price. This is especially important to consider if you are planning to sell your home in the near future and are looking for ways to increase the property value.

Better Energy Efficiency

Your home's roofing materials can have a huge impact on how energy-efficient your home is. This is because roofing shingles that do not prevent the transfer of outside temperatures into your home can cause your home's heating and cooling systems to have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your family. Metal roofing materials offer very impressive insulation properties and effectively reflect the sun's rays away from your home rather than absorbing them. 


Cost More Than Asphalt

As is the case with many upgrades, installing a metal roof will come at a higher upfront cost than a traditional asphalt roof. While some homeowners will consider this fact a con, it is important to remember that metal roofing materials also offer a much longer lifespan than asphalt materials. As a result, while you may be paying more upfront for metal, metal shingles can actually save you money over the lifetime of your roof. 

Metal Roofing Materials Can Be Heavy

The highest quality metal roofing shingles can be extremely heavy. In order to ensure the excess weight does not cause any damage to the structure of your home, your roofing contractor may be required to install additional supports for your new roof. This can add to the cost of a new metal roof, as well as increase the amount of time required to complete the installation.

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