It Might Seem Like A Little Drip: Why You Need To Repair That Leaky Roof

If a rainstorm revealed a slight leak in your roof, you might think you can wait a little longer for repairs. After all, it's just one small leak. Unfortunately, one small leak could actually be hiding a bigger issue; one that could lead to greater problems you will need to deal with. If you're not sure what type of problems you might face by postponing the repairs to your leaky roof, consider the information below. These are just three of the issues you might face if you don't take care of the roof repairs right away. 

Shingle Loss

If you've discovered a small leak coming through the ceiling of your home, you can assume that there's a bigger leak somewhere in the roof. In most cases, you won't see any water coming through the ceiling until the roof damage is significant. Not only that, the leak could be spreading from somewhere else on the roof, which means moisture is covering a larger area. If that's the case, you can expect to lose some shingles, especially if you wait too long to repair the roof. 

Plywood Damage

If your roof has been damaged long enough for water to come through the ceiling of your home, chances are good that the plywood subfloor has suffered some damage as well. This is especially true if you've noticed that your shingles have warped, buckled, or peeled. Unfortunately, leaks don't usually stay confined to one area of the roof. Like the shingle damage discussed above, when the water spreads under the shingles, the moisture can also damage the plywood subfloor. This damage can lead to warping and rot. Over time, the plywood will give way, and your roof will collapse. Before the damage reaches those extremes, you should have your roof repaired. 

Increased Moisture

If you live in a region that experiences high humidity levels during the summer, you need to have roof leaks repaired as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to have high humidity levels in your home. Unfortunately, roof leaks can cause that to happen. That's because the water that comes through the ceiling can add to the moisture in the air. Not only will your home be more humid during the summer, but you'll also experience more mold growth. You might also notice an obvious musty odor in your home until you have the roof leaks repaired. 

Don't let a leak get out of hand. If you've discovered a small leak in your roof, call for repairs right away. The repairs you make now will help to prevent other problems down the road. Contact a roof repair company for more information. 

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