A Rundown On The Commercial Roof Restoration Process

If your commercial roof looks deteriorated, a complete roof replacement may not be the only viable solution to the problem. Many commercial roofing contractors offer roof restoration service to help return your existing roof to like-new condition. What does a commercial roof restoration job involve? While no two roof restorations are exactly the same, there are general steps that any roofer will likely follow when restoring your commercial roof. Below is a breakdown of the main steps involved in commercial roofing restoration. 

Roof Inspection

Not all roofs can be restored, so the first step of any roof restoration process is to establish if your roof is restorable. You will need to arrange to have a commercial roofer come to your business location to inspect your roof and establish if it is worth restoring.

Generally, roofs that are on their last legs are better off being replaced completely because they don't have many years of service left. For a roof restoration to pay off well, a roof should still be in structurally sound condition, overall. Any damage to it should be cosmetic or minor.

Roof Cleaning

Over the years, your roof may accumulate lots of dirt and debris that may interfere with the quality of the roof restoration job. If your roof is restorable, it will be thoroughly cleaned to remove the dirt and grime from its surface and then left to dry. 

Roof Repair

Once the roof is clean and dry, the necessary repair work will be performed. Wet roofs pose slip, trip, and fall hazards to roofers, so it is imperative to wait until cleaned roofs are completely dry to perform any repair work on them. Some common roofing issues that may be addressed as part of roof restoration include missing shingles, curling shingles, damaged roof flashing, and many more.

Roof Coating

This is the final step of the roof restoration process. It involves applying protective coatings onto the surface of the roofing materials to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking brand-new. There are many different kinds of roof coating systems on the market. The right coating system for your roof will depend on the type of roofing material you have, the local climate, and the look you are going for.

The entire process of roof restoration not only makes your waned commercial roof look pristine again but also adds years of service to it. Arrange to have a local commercial roofing contractor visit your commercial building to determine if your roof can benefit from a restoration job.

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