Home Roofing Repair And Inspection Recommendations To Ensure Your Home Is Protected For Winter

As a homeowner, your roof is your home's first defense against moisture damage from snow and ice, as well as wind damage from winter storms. For this reason, it is upon your shoulders to make sure your roof is always ready to go and provide protection to your household, no matter the weather. Winter is coming and it can pose a big threat to homes across the country with blizzards, ice storms, and snowfall. The following are some recommendations that you can apply to your home and its exterior to protect it against winter damage.

Check Your Rooftop

One of the easiest tasks you can complete for your home and its roof is to keep an eye on the overall condition. If you notice anything out of the ordinary in your roof's appearance or with the appearance of a moisture leak on the inside ceiling or wall, contact your roofer immediately. Do not wait on repairing something that can only get worse. If, for example, you see a patch of missing shingles on your roof or an area where the shingles appear to be curling up along their edges, contact your roofer. 

Just because you have a ladder does not make you a roofing expert. Even if you can get on your roof safely, you may not know what to look for with your roof's condition. Further, it is easy for you to miss a small detail that may spell trouble for your home. For example, if a section of flashing is missing around your roof furnace vent pipe and you don't recognize it, this missing strip can allow moisture to leak into your home and down into the walls and insulation, causing rot and mold growth.

Inspect Your Roof Drainage 

Another important area on your roof that many homeowners don't realize is the condition and functionality of the gutter system. Your roof's gutters can become aged and cracked over time. This can leave water pouring onto the soil next to your home's foundation. And if the weather freezes, poorly-draining gutters will cause water to sit and freeze, leaving the potential for ice formation up onto the shingles and also pulling the gutters away from your roof.

While your roofer is checking your shingles, flashing, and other important areas on the rooftop, they can also inspect your gutters and recommend any repairs they may need. Keep in mind that the gutters don't end at your roof's edge but continue down below through the downspout and splash block. Make sure they are all included in your inspection.

Contact a company, such as True Quality Roofing, for more information. 

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