Three Important Tools You Can Use As An Experienced Roofer

If you are a roofer or are considering becoming a roofer, then you'll want the best tools for the job. A high-quality, useful set of tools is an important part of any trade, especially one relying on your balance and strength to repair and replace rooftops across the U.S. There are many tools used in the roofing profession, but three of them meant for the real pros include roofing nailers, a motorized saw, and work gloves.

Roofing Nailer

This is probably one of the more obvious needs, but it's worth mentioning. If you do not own or have access to a roofing nailer or nail gun, then you should strongly consider buying or leasing one rather than attempting to hammer the roofing nails yourself if you know what you're doing. Nail guns are a good way to get the work done quicker and with less effort, which can be particularly helpful when working in hot or sunny weather. However, if you do not know what you are doing, then manually hammering the roofing nails will make it easier to determine if you've nailed the shingles down to the correct depth and location.


Roofing involves more than using pre-fabricated elements such as shingles and tiles. At some point, you will be working with metal roofing squares. Unless you are somehow working with a perfectly square roof with all the right measurements, you will need to cut these squares to the right specifications. You can do this with either a "nibbler," an attachment to a drill that wears down metal piece by piece, tin snips that are much like pliers except made to cut soft metals such as tin, and a circular saw. The first two options are better if you're inexperienced, but a circular saw can do the job much quicker if you take care of the blades and yourself.


Work gloves are less of a "tool you can use" and more of an "absolute necessity." Heavy labor has it's risks and associated physical damages, and this includes your hands. Nailing down shingles, removing shingles, cutting wood or metal, and anything else you can think of will wreck havoc on your hands over time, leaving you at risk of cuts, infections, and long-term damage. You need a good set of work gloves or at least any set that fits and is right for the job you're doing.

Roofing can be a difficult profession, but the right tools can help. Roofing nail guns and circular saws are all tools best for experienced roofers. On the other hand, you should always be using at least one set of work gloves.

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