Fixing A Damaged Metal Roof: How To Stop Leaks And Preserve The Roof's Condition

Metal roofs are great to have for many reasons, such as their ability to keep the home cooler and their longevity. While a metal roof can last a long time, there will be times when homeowners need to have repairs completed. Different elements can eventually lead to slight damage, including cracks in the roof that need to get sealed to keep water from getting into the property. When homeowners have these repairs completed immediately, they can avoid replacing the roof and experiencing damage to the home's interior.

How Could a Metal Roof End Up Leaking?

Metal is a strong roofing material, but damage can happen to it over time, just like damage can happen to any other roofing material. While metal is a bit more resistant to certain elements, such as hailstorms, both excessive winds and rough weather can eventually cause a crack to form in the metal roof. When the crack forms, it provides an opening for water to get inside, leading to leaky ceilings and lots of moisture. Homeowners should always have their metal roofs inspected after a big storm to see if there is any damage. They can catch the problem earlier on and prevent it from turning into a much larger issue.

How Do Roofers Repair a Metal Roof?

The roofers can use a ladder to reach the roof and begin working on it. They may need to carefully remove some nails that keep the fasteners in place, look around for any rust, and check for cracks and holes forming. If there is some roof flashing missing, the roofers would need to use a sealant on the roof and then install new flashing to that area to cover it. Different sealants work wonders on metal roofs, such as silicone sealants. The silicone sealants are available in different shades, allowing the roofers to choose a shade that perfectly matches the rest of the metal roof. When there is a large crack or hole, the roofers must take measurements of the area, cut out the damaged metal sheet, and apply a metal patch over the area.

Although metal roofs are durable and known for their longevity, they can sustain damage just like any other roofing material. If a crack or hole develops because of the elements, or for any other reason, homeowners should contact a roofing company with experience handling metal roof repairs. The repairs may include adding sealant, removing rust, and applying a new metal sheet to an area where damage exists.

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