Maintaining Your Home's Roof

While a home will need to undergo regular maintenance to keep it in good condition, it is a common situation for homeowners to simply neglect to have all of the needed maintenance work done to the property. In particular, the roof can be especially vulnerable to problems that could result from improper maintenance.

Yearly Inspections

Inspecting the roof each year is a type of maintenance that homeowners will often neglect to have done to their homes. However, this can be among the most important types of maintenance that you may have done to the roof as it will ensure that any small or minor problems with the roof have a chance of being found and repaired in a timely manner. In addition to being affordable, these inspections will typically only cause minor disruptions as the inspection service will need to walk around on the roof to thoroughly check it for damage or problems.

Gutter Cleanings

Failing to keep the gutter clean is another mistake that can result in major problems for the home. With dirty or clogged gutters, the rainwater that is falling on the roof may not be able to drain off correctly. This can result in the roof suffering damage as well as the sides of the homes and even the foundation. While cleaning the gutters is not complicated, it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. To reduce the amount of work that you will have to do to keep the gutters clean and clear, you can install gutter systems that have a protective cap or screen on top of them. This can stop leaves or other bulky items from collecting in the gutters and contributing to clogs.

Have The Surface Of The Roof Cleaned

The surface of your roof will also need to be periodically cleaned as part of your maintenance efforts. If the roof is not cleaned, algae and moss may start to grow on it, and these substances can be extremely damaging to the roof itself. Luckily, this does not have to be a major source of damage as it is possible for a roofing maintenance contractor to clean the roof by using a pressure washing system that will be able to effectively remove algae, moss, and other substances that may have become wedged between shingles or tiles. For most homes, this type of cleaning is only needed once every couple of years, but those living in especially dusty areas or that have large trees near the home, this may need to be done annually in order to keep the roof clean and maintained.

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