3 Things You Need to Know About Hail Damage on Your Roof

The truth is hailstorms can strike anywhere in the United States, although they are most common in the central plains and southern states. Hailstorms can seriously damage your roof, which is why it is important to understand how they can impact your roof and what you should do about it.

#1: Hail Damage Isn't Always Obvious

Hail damage isn't something you can always see from the ground. Hail damage often requires you to get up on the roof and check it up close in order to see the full extent of the damage. Hail leaves behind very shallow dents that you are not going to be seen from the ground but can be seen if you are up-close looking at the roof. These dents may seem unimportant, but they leave behind bruises that damage not only the shingles but the waterproof layer underneath.

#2: The Size of the Hail Matters

Second, when it comes to damage, the size of the hail matters. If the hail is about as big as a quarter, your home and roof should experience little to no exterior damage, although plants around your home may experience damage.

If the hail is the size of a half-dollar, your roof could experience minor damage and your siding could exhibit cracks. If the damage is the size of a walnut, your roof will experience severe damage, and any wood outside may experience dents as well. Hail the size of a golf ball can dent your vehicle and damage paint, as well as do substantial damage to your roof. Tennis ball-sized hail can break windows. Naturally, the bigger the hail size, the more likely you'll need to inspect your roof for damage.

#3: How Hail Damage Impacts Your Roof

Hail can inflict a wide range of damage to your roof. First, it can cause the granules on the shingles to wear away at an accelerated rate and quickly age your shingles. Really hard impacts can leave cracks in the shingles, exposing your roof. The high impact of the hail can also cause the shingles to break away from the fiberglass mat under the shingles and fracture the fiberglass mat as well. All this damage can make it easier for your roof to suffer from water damage.  

If a large hailstorm comes through your area, contact storm damage roof repair companies to inspect the roof and address any damage. If you have homeowners' insurance, they should assist you with paying for the repairs.

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