3 Roofing Trends That Are Worth the Money

Few things are as important to the structural stability of your home as a quality roof. A new roof can be costly, and homeowners often hesitate to invest in new roofing materials until serious performance problems develop.

While a new roof will be a significant investment, it can be one that pays off if you are willing to invest in the right trends.

Roofing trends can change over time, leaving homeowners wondering which materials, installation methods, and products are best. Not all roofing trends withstand the test of time, but some are worth the money and can act as a lifeline to ongoing savings.

1. Synthetic Underlayment

The materials that are applied underneath your shingles, tile, or metal roofing probably don't cross your mind. However, the underlayment can play an important role in preserving the structural stability and integrity of your home.

The go-to for roofing professionals in the past has been a felt underlayment. Modern technology has given birth to a new trend in the roofing industry: synthetic underlayments. This is an underlayment that is made from polyurethane; it has the ability to offer superior water resistance.

Felt underlayment only functions properly when all exterior roofing materials are intact. If a shingle is lost or damaged, the felt underlayment can't prevent water from entering your home. A synthetic underlayment should be able to resist water penetration when exposed to the elements for a limited period of time.

Joining the synthetic underlayment trend will help you protect your home against water damage well into the future.

2. Cool Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most popular for residential structures. Shingle trends come and go, but one trend that has the ability to offer lasting benefits is the cool roof shingle movement.

Cool roof shingles are constructed using materials that are capable of reflecting UV rays. The more reflective the shingles are, the less heat transfer takes place in your home. Heat transfer can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep your living space a comfortable temperature.

Paying a little more for cool roof shingles allows you to make your home more energy efficient. You can reduce roof maintenance costs by eliminating the potential for UV damage to your shingles, and you can reduce HVAC maintenance costs by reducing the workload of this system over time.

Ongoing savings and reduced energy use make cool roof shingles a trend that you can benefit from over the years.

3. Architectural Shingles

Curb appeal plays a significant role in the valuation of any residential property. The way that your roof looks can have a direct impact on the aesthetic beauty of your home. In fact, the roof makes up anywhere from 50% to 60% of the visible exterior of your home.

A designer roof can raise your home's value, but the cost of these roofing systems can be expensive. Architectural shingles are a new trend that has emerged within the roofing industry to help make designer roofs a reality for the average homeowner.

Architectural shingles are created by laminating two or more traditional shingles together to create a three-dimensional effect. The appearance of architectural shingles mimics more expensive roofing materials, like cedar shakes or slate.

An architectural shingle roof may cost slightly more than a traditional shingle roof, but the value these shingles will add to your home make the added expense worthwhile.

Roofing trends may come and go, but a few current trends can offer ongoing value. A synthetic underlayment, cool roof shingles, or architectural shingles are all modern roofing trends that can increase the value of your home and reduce maintenance costs over time.

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