Businesses And Energy Loss: Cover Your Roof With Foam

If your business is suffering because of exceptionally high energy bills and other expenses this summer, you may want to cut costs to keep your company from failing. You may even downsize your staff to save money. But before you let go of your employees or make other changes in your business, take a good look at your flat roof. If your roof isn't in good or stable condition, it could be the reason behind your high energy expenses. Learn how buildings can lose energy through their roofs and how a foam roof may save you money.

How Can Your Roof Affect Your Energy Expenses?

Every building should have a sound or stable roof. However, problems, such as a poorly insulated roof or an improperly installed membrane, can allow outdoor heat to invade your building throughout summer. The trapped heat will cause a chain reaction of problems throughout your building.

Much of the heat that enters your building will remain inside the attic or close to the roof deck. The rest of the heat will infiltrate the offices in your building. Both of these problems will cause your HVAC system to run longer than normal during the day. The longer your cooling stays on, the more energy or electricity it may draw from your building.

The roofing problems above are just some of the things that can increase your energy expenses. You can keep your energy problems at bay by covering your roof with foam.

How Can a Foam Roof Help?

Foam roofing systems feature many of the things your current roof might not have, including good insulation. Foam is often used in places that experience energy problems, such as around pipes and windows. The foam used in roofing may help insulate your overlayment and roof deck from energy loss and heat buildup.

Foam roofing systems may also come with coatings that prevent heat from building up the surface of existing roofs. The coatings reflect, or block, heat from the sun and other environmental changes. If the surface of your roof tends to heat up during the summer, you may benefit from this type of protection.

A roofer may also use foam to seal openings around your roof's drainage ports and pipes. These areas can deteriorate with time, age, and exposure to rain and heat. If you have concerns about applying foam around your drainage pipes, speak to a roofer right away.

You can learn more about foam roofing system installation services by contacting a roofing company today.

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