How Pests Can Attack Your Home Siding

Siding is an important component of your home that provides protection against the elements. However, your siding is not invulnerable, and there are several problems that can cause damage to your siding, such as excessive moisture or inclement weather. Another cause of siding damage is a pest infestation. 

Pests That Attack Your Siding

Wood and vinyl siding are vulnerable to all sorts of pests. Termites are the most notorious for damaging buildings, but carpenter bees, woodpeckers, and beetles can also infest your siding and cause damage. 

Damage to your siding is evidence that there might also be damage to your foundation. You should monitor your siding to find signs of warping and look at your ground-level siding for signs of pests. If you discover any, make sure to hire pest control to eliminate the termite problem and have your home inspected.

If you hear a tapping, a woodpecker might be pecking into your siding and looking for bugs to eat. You'll usually see holes in the corners where the pieces of siding join. You'll see small holes along the edges.

Repairing the Siding Damage

The damage caused by pests can be extensive. After you have had your home treated for the pest problem by an exterminator, you'll want to contact a siding repair specialist. Not all siding that has become damaged needs to be replaced. While you should replace siding damaged by moisture with new moisture-resistant siding, you may not necessarily have to replace siding damaged by pests. A professional can let you know the best option.

Why Siding Repair Isn't a DIY Job

Siding repair can take weeks to fix. Performing the repairs yourself can be difficult or impossible if you have other responsibilities to fulfill. However, if you hire a siding repair technician, he or she can work on your siding while you're away.

A siding repair specialist can repair your siding properly the first time with the proper materials and equipment. This will make your siding more durable so that it does not wear out as fast in the future. If you make a mistake and later need to make corrections to your previous repair, this will cost more money than what it cost to originally hire the siding repair technician.

Usually, a siding repair specialist will not bill you for the repairs until the job is complete. That way, if you are not happy about the repairs or if you have any questions, you can have these matters resolved before making a payment. To learn more, contact a company like Roofers of Minnesota Co.

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