4 Things To Consider When Your Home Needs Roof Repairs

It's frustrating when you discover a hole in your roof or rain dripping in your attic, but roof repairs are something that shouldn't be put off. While you may not want to pay for repairs, if you delay, you'll have to pay even more to clean up water damage and mold. Here are four things to consider when having roof repairs done.

1. Have The Roof Checked By A Contractor

If you like to do home improvement projects yourself, you might be tempted to climb on the roof and replace the damaged shingles. However, roof damage can be tricky to catch since the deck is under the shingles.

Rain rolls down the slope of your roof, and there could be damage to the deck in an area beyond the damaged shingles. A roofing contractor has the experience to know where to look for additional roof damage so when repairs are done, you won't have to worry that there's still moisture on the roof causing the deck to rot.

2. Check Your Roof Warranty

Before doing repairs on your roof, check if the warranties are still in effect. Your roof may have a warranty for the shingles and another warranty for the workmanship.

Also, check your homeowner's insurance policy if you have extensive roof damage and want to file a claim for the repairs. Knowing your warranty and insurance information upfront helps you choose the right way to proceed with the repairs.

3. Get Repairs Done As Soon As Possible

Don't let a roof leak go on for very long, especially in the rainy season. At the very least, have a roof tarp put on so no rain can cause further damage to the roof deck or your attic.

When caught early, a leak is often easy and affordable to have repaired, but as the water damage spreads, the work becomes more complex and costly.

4. Check Your Roof For Damage Regularly

It's better to catch a roof problem before water starts dripping through your ceiling. Check your roof for signs of damage on a regular basis. You can do it from your yard by looking at the condition of the shingles.

Shingles that are darker in color or that have moved out of place should be examined further. Flashing that looks lifted or anything that's flapping in the wind should be checked.

If tree branches have been scraping the roof, there was a hailstorm, or a limb fell on the roof, you may want the shingles in the area examined by a roof repair contractor to see if they have damage that should be repaired to keep your roof from leaking.

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