How To Prepare For Your New Siding Installation

New siding gives your house a whole new look. No matter what type of siding you choose, though, it's important that you prepare properly for your siding installation day


Your landscaping can get in the way of siding installation. The plants and lawn may even suffer damage if you don't prepare first. Before installation begins, take some time to trim back shrubs and trees that grow close to the house. Removing these branches is also good for your new siding, since you don't want trees to scrape against the siding. Tie back trees and shrubs to further keep them out of the way during the work.

It's also a good idea to mow your lawn. Short grass is less likely to become compacted and damaged from workers and equipment during the installation process. Hold off watering for a day or two before the work, as well, so the soil isn't wet and more easily damaged.

Furniture and Decor Items

Outdoor furniture needs to be put away before the installation crews arrive. For items that aren't easily moved and not directly obstructing installation, consider covering them with a tarp or similar to provide protection from the work.

Decor items like flower pots, wall trellises, and lawn ornaments should also be taken down or moved to an area that is out of the way during the siding installation. Items like window boxes and wall garden decor must be removed so they do not interfere with the workers as they put up your siding.

Interior Decor

The interior of your home isn't immune to damages, so preparation is key. The main concern are pictures and display shelves that are affixed to the wall. Siding installation will include some hammering and tool use that can shake your home's walls and cause pictures to fall, so take these items down before installation begins.

You may also want to move furniture away from the wall, particularly items like curio cabinets, so that nothing is shaken loose or falls down during installation.

Dumpster and Staging Areas

Your installation crew will need a place to put the dumpster and to stage the installation materials. Ideally, a paved area like your driveway will be used. Make sure the area is clear and park your cars elsewhere so they aren't in the way.

If the contractors must place the dumpster or installation items on your lawn, take some steps to protect the grass. As mentioned above, mow and reduce watering before the items arrive. Then, use plywood or a similar hard surface item to help distribute the weight and to prevent ruts in your grass.

Contact a siding installation service for more help.

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