Four Ways To Save On A New Residential Roof

If it's time for a new roof, the most cost effective option is to proceed with the replacement as soon as possible before expensive damage occurs. Of course, there are also other ways to save on your replacement, as the four tips show.

1. Do Part of the Labor Yourself

One way to save quite a bit of money is to complete some of the labor yourself. For a reasonably handy homeowner, the one part of the job that can be completed with just a few people and few specialty skills is the tear down, which is the removal of the old shingles down the decking. If you want to use this option, work with your contractor to ensure they don't have any special requirements for the tear down. Also, keep in mind that you will need to rent a dumpster or otherwise arrange for the transport and disposal of the old roof.

2. Consider a Reroof

A reroof or overlay is when the old shingles are left in place and the new shingles are simply applied over the top. A roof that has only one layer of asphalt shingles on it may be eligible for a reroof. Just be aware that some reroofs last as long as a full replacement, while others have a slightly shortened lifespan. Reroofing is an excellent option if you plan to only remain in the home for ten or so years, since you will likely move before the next replacement is due.

3. Replace In the Right Season

A new roof typically costs more to install when roofing services are in high demand. This means you probably don't want to plan for replacement during the peak summer season. If there has been a large storm in your area, it may also be a good idea to postpone replacement if possible until the damage claims and repairs have been handled. Early spring and late fall can be some of the least expensive time for a roof replacement in many areas.

4. Get multiple Estimates

Most people know not to go with the first new roof estimate they get, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples as you gather your estimates. Some roofers will provide cost per square foot, others will give you the total expected cost, and yet others may give estimates per roofing square (approximately 100 square feet). Know how the estimates are figured and everything the estimate includes so you can compare them all on equal footing.

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