Roofing Tips For City Dwellers

When you hire a roofing company, you can count on them to do the hard labor of replacing your roof. But as a homeowner, there is still a lot you need to do as a part of the re-roofing process. To start with, you need to hire a contractor. Then you need to pick a roofing material, schedule the re-roofing, and so forth. This process varies a bit depending on where you live. If you are a city dweller and you own your own home, these tips should prove helpful during the roofing process.

1. Make sure the company you hire is used to working on city homes.

In the city, where homes are closer together, roofers usually set up a bit differently than they would out in the country where homes have a lot of space around them. They may only put ladders up one side of the roof, rather than on both, for instance. As such, you should check to ensure the roofers you are thinking of hiring regularly work in the city before you sign a contract. If they are not used to working on city homes, the project may take them longer and they may not be as safe.

2. Check out where the dumpster can go.

The old roofing material will need to be disposed of in a dumpster. Finding a place to park a dumpster can be tough on a small city street. Reach out to your city building department to see if you can get a waiver to park a dumpster in the street for a day. Alternatively, you could park it in your driveway or a neighbor's driveway, but you will still need to double-check with the city and then let the roofing company know where they can place the dumpster.

3. Let your neighbors know about the project.

In the country, where the next home is 1/4-mile down the road, the neighbors could care less if you're re-roofing your home. But in the city, where houses are much closer, your neighbors will want to know what's going on. This allows them to plan for parking their cars, letting their kids play outside, protecting their landscaping from falling shingles, and so forth. Give them notice as soon as you know what day the roofers will start working.

With the tips above, the process of re-roofing a city home should go more smoothly for all involved.

To learn more, contact a residential roofing contractor.

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