Extensive Wood Rot: Is It Eating Your Roof?

If you have rotting wood in multiple areas of your roof, including around the edges and near the exterior walls, your roof could be close to failing. Wood decomposes when it's exposed to large amounts of moisture over a long period of time. The rotting wood you see on the surface of your roof can actually be just the beginning of your problems. Learn how extensive wood rot damages your roof and why a replacement might be the best way to stop it.

What's Eating Your Roof?

Because wood is a natural substance, it can decompose with time. Although most types of wood decompose at a slow rate, wood exposed to heavy moisture can deteriorate very quickly. Once wood becomes saturated with water, it can and will attract fungi.

Most people associate fungi with mushrooms, mold, and mildew. However, there are different types of fungi that can consume wood, including white and brown rot. These types of wood-consuming organisms target and consume the cellulose in wood. Once wood-rotting fungi establish a foothold in your roof, the organisms can quickly spread throughout your home.

Decomposition can show up anywhere in your roof, including around the structure's edges and near the exterior walls. The creases or areas around your chimney, vents, and antennas may also show signs of wood root. The decomposing wood will eventually create small openings in your roof. Your roof may lose its ability to protect, cover, and secure your home.

In order for you to determine the extent of damage in your roof, you'll need to ask a roofing company for assistance.

What Will Contractors Do About Your Decomposing Roof?

A roofing company will complete an assessment, or professional inspection, of your roof. The assessment can help determine how decomposed your roof is right now. If all of the structures associated with your roof show signs of extensive decomposition, a roofing company can do a complete replacement for you. 

The time needed to replace all of the structures on your roof may depend on the:

  • size of your home
  • weather conditions in your area
  • materials you select to install on your home

If other factors arise that may affect the installation of your new roof, a contracting company will address these concerns with you right away. 

Rotting wood can do more than damage your roof. It can wreak havoc on your home. Learn more about replacing your roof by contacting a roofing company today.

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