Comparing Your Options: Repair, Reroof, Or Replace?

Your house wouldn't be much of a home without its roof, but are you treating it with the care and respect that it deserves? Many homeowners avoid dealing with roofing issues for too long due to the perceived costs. While roofing work isn't always cheap, you aren't without options. Depending on the age of your roof, you may have several choices for addressing ongoing issues.

Repairs: Taking Issues One at a Time

Roofing repairs typically take the form of spot repairs. Like spot cleaning on a piece of clothing, this means focusing only on the problem areas. The primary advantage of performing spot repairs is cost. Since you're only repairing a single section of the roof, the total cost of the work is substantially less than a full re-roof or replacement

The downside to this approach is that repairs do not address systemic issues with your roof. Although leaks may seem to be localized, multiple leaks sometimes channel water to a single location. If water is entering your home from several places, then it may be a sign that your roof is beginning to fail. Multiple leaks on a roof more than 15 years old are a sure sign that you need more than simple spot repairs.

Re-roofing: A Cheaper Alternative

If you have a shingle roof, then re-roofing may be a cheaper alternative to replacing the roof entirely. For re-roofing to be an option, your roof must meet two requirements:

  • Your roof decking must be in relatively good condition.
  • You must not have performed a re-roofing in the past.

Re-roofing involves installing a second layer of shingles over your existing roof. This process will effectively deal with any issues affecting your current shingles, but it will not resolve problems with the underlying decking. If the decking and structure are generally in good shape, then spot repairs may be possible for sections in poor condition.

Without the need to remove the old roof, re-roofing is often drastically cheaper than replacement. A second layer will also typically last for about as long as a replacement.

Replacement: Going All the Way

If your roof is more than twenty years old, the decking is in bad condition, or you already have a second layer of shingles, then a full replacement is your only option. Replacement involves removing the old shingles and potentially replacing or repairing sections of decking. Once completed, your roof will be brand new and ready to protect your home for another twenty years.

Whatever your roof's condition and budget, there are options available to restore it to its former glory. An experienced roofing contractor can evaluate your situation and help you to determine the most cost-effective way to deal with whatever issues you are facing.

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