How Metal Roofing Can Help You Renovate An Old Lake House Into An Environmentally Friendly Abode

If you're determined to be environmentally conscious and do things like install energy-efficient windows and use recycled building materials when you renovate an old lake home, then you may be concerned about choosing the right roof. You may wonder what type of roofing material is environmentally friendly. One of the best choices you can make in new roofing when you're concerned about the environment is metal. Here's why.

Metal Roofing Is Recyclable

You can buy metal roofing made from recycled metal, and once the roofing is old and needs to be replaced, it can be recycled again so it stays out of the landfill. However, that shouldn't happen for decades since metal roofing has a long life.

Metal is also an attractive material that goes well with different types of homes. A green or red metal roof is a good match for a cabin, while white is an attractive color for a lake cottage. You can even buy metal roof made with an outer layer that rusts fast for a rustic look while the inner layers stay whole to prevent leaks.

Metal Roofing Is A Light Material

Another way metal roofing is environmentally friendly is due to its light weight. Being light, transporting the roofing material uses less fuel. Plus, the material can be placed over the existing asphalt roof on your lake house, so the old asphalt doesn't have to be torn off and tossed in the landfill. You'll want your roofing contractor to check your old roof thoroughly first because it needs to be in good enough shape to put a metal roof on top of it.

Metal Reflects The Sun

A metal roof keeps your home cooler in the summer because it reflects the sun's rays. This decreases solar heating of your attic. If white is a good match for the style of lake house you have, you'll enjoy even more energy savings when the metal roof is white. The cooling nature of a metal roof combined with a cool lake breeze could reduce your dependency on air conditioning. By using your air conditioner less, you may prolong its life.

A metal roof is also a good match for solar panels. The panels attach to the seams of the metal panels by clamping so no holes are needed that could lead to roof leaks.

A metal roof could help you reach your goal of making your renovated house an energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. You can reduce your power bills and do your small part to be kinder to the earth while you enjoy the beauty and serenity of life on the lake.

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