Why Business Owners Are Choosing Spray Foam Roofing

Does your commercial building need a new roof, and now you're debating which material to use for it? You should consider using spray foam roofing for your building. It's a very popular choice among business owners due to the following reasons. 

Flat Roofs Hide The Foam

While spray foam roofing doesn't look like the most attractive material for a roof, that may not be a problem if you own a commercial building. Most commercial roofs are flat surfaces that cannot be seen from the street level. Nobody will be able to see the roofing material unless they go up on your roof to look at it up close. 

Minimal Noise During Installation

The great thing about spray foam roofing is that is makes a minimal amount of noise on the inside of your building to install the material. There is no loud hammering which will disrupt the day for employees or customers, This can help minimize downtime and allow you to schedule the work to be done during a weekday while you are at the office. 

Wind Resistance During Storms

If you live in an area that is very windy, you should know that spray foam roofing is capable of resisting damage caused by the wind. This is due to the material being seamless once it is installed, so there is virtually no chance of the wind catching the bottom of your roofing material and pulling it off your roof. 

Leak Resistance From Water

That solid foam material is the same reason why the material is resistant against the rain. Without seams of roofing material that can come loose, the water should just roll down the surface until it reaches a downspout. You may notice pooling water on the surface due to dips in the material, but those can be easily fixed.

Easy To Repair

You'll quickly discover that spray foam is very easy to repair if something happens to the material. In most situations, a new layer of foam can be applied to fix the damaged portions of foam. This allows repairs to be done quickly with minimal work required on behalf of a roofing contractor, which makes the repair more affordable. 

Think you're ready to have a spray foam roof installed on your home? Reach out to a local roofing contractor that specializes in installing spray foam. They can let you know all the benefits that spray foam can provide to your building. 

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